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Best Crate for Shih Tzu in 2022

Best crate for shih tzu

If you’re considering getting a Shih Tzu, the first thing on your mind should be whether or not you’ll be able to find the best dog crate for Shih Tzu. You need to consider what they’ll need to feel safe while they’re in it.

But whether you get an old-fashioned wire crate or one of the fancier models with all of the latest bells and whistles, your Shih Tzu will still need one of these best crates for Shih Tzu. With so many options out there, it can be tough to decide which canines are going to enjoy which type of crate best.

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Amazon-Basics-Portable-Folding-Soft-Dog-Travel-Crate-Kennel Amazon Basics Portable Folding Soft Dog Travel Crate Kennel Amazon Basics Check Price

Do They Really Need a Crate?

Yes, dogs actually really love crates. This is why dog crates are becoming more common, and today you’ll find them used by people all over the world for a number of different purposes. The most common types of dog crates are:

Wire crates 

These are the traditional, inexpensive models that you’ll find at pet stores everywhere. They have either a wire floor or a solid bottom, and they’re built to hold a small dog without showing any signs of wear and tear over time. They’re often covered in tough plastic that can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth.

Metal crates

These are designed to be slightly larger and more expensive than the wire models. They have a solid bottom, a locking door and come with a warranty.

Plastic crates.

These crates look similar to the traditional wire or metal crate, but they’re made of plastic instead of metal or wood. They’re extremely easy to clean and also hard enough for very small dogs to not chew on them when left outside for long periods of time.

Below are our top picks for the best crate for Shih Tzu..


The 5 Best Crate For Shih Tzu – A Detailed Review

#1: MidWest iCrate Starter Kit

                                     Buy on Amazon

The MidWest iCrate Starter Kit contains two standard wooden dog crates, a fleece plush pet bed, and a set of two durable plastic pet bowls that hook onto the side of the crate. Despite being modular, the wire crate is pretty spacious and can accommodate dogs weighing up to 25 pounds. The main advantage at first glance is that it comes in different sizes like small, medium, and large. Apart from having parts that can be easily detached, this product allows for greater mobility if you are traveling.

This dog crate provides your dog with a cozy, comfortable place to rest that is safe and secure. The MidWest iCrate Starter Kit is your pet’s very own room – whether you’re at home or on the go. It contains everything your Fido needs for hours of fun inside his travel crate: a 2-door dog crate he’s been dreaming of. iCrates are twice as stable, comfortable & sturdy as single door crates. They are a comfy doggie bed and have a machine-washable fleece bed.

#2: Precision Pet “ProValu,” Double Door Dog Crate Pink

                                     Buy on Amazon

Precision Pet “ProValu,” double door dog crate is a fashion-forward baby pink electro-coat finish crate for dogs. This little pup’s playpen includes a removable slide-out plastic pan which makes cleanup easy, creating a safe and sanitary living environment. Ideal for small breed dogs and puppies, this fashionable kennel offers added safety features including free HARTCO® clips, rounded corners, and safety latches.

Precision Pet Products “ProValu” Double Door Dog Crate is the must-have accessory for small dog breeds and puppies. A sleek, two-door design complements any room’s style and makes finding puppy supplies easy during busy mealtimes. A rubber-footed solid steel bottom offers extra stability for a durable pet crate that can last through chew sessions, house training mishaps, and other fun facts of growing up.

#3: ToysOpoly #1 Premium Pet Playpen

                                    Buy on Amazon

The  ToysOpoly Pet Playpen is a convenient, instant play yard. Simply unfold it, connect the handles to create the 11 top panels, and you’re done. It’s big enough for your hide-and-seek games or treat-tossing fun breezes without taking up space in your living room!

This is a multi-functional, lightweight, and easy-to-clean pet playpen. It’s great for indoor or outdoor use. It gives you a safe and fun way to play with your pets when you are not home, and keep them beside you.

#4: PetNation Port-A-Crate Indoor and Outdoor Home for Pets

                                   Buy on Amazon

Put an end to your dog’s howling and destructive habits with the pretty in purple petnation portable crate. This pet home will house your pup for weeks at a time, through vacations or moves, and once the gatehouse is set up – it sets down and folds down in seconds! 

The port-a-crate is ideal for pets who are used to crates and entirely closed rooms. It also includes two adjustable tethers with plastic buckles.

The Petnation Port-A-Crate works for homes with minimal space and for times when you and your pet have to be apart, whether it’s nap time or a weekend away. Your pet must be crate-trained prior to use.

If you love walking your pooch but are terrified of letting him or her run unleashed due to heavy traffic from neighboring streets or nearby parks, this creative Port-A-Crate design could be a real lifesaver. This portable pet crate comes in two sizes and is made with extra steel for strength and tear resistance, giving dogs a safe place to stay in the car or at home.

#5: AmazonBasics Portable Folding Soft Dog Travel Crate Kennel:

                                   Buy on Amazon

The AmazonBasics portable folding soft dog crate will have your Shih Tzu feeling like he’s part of the family while you travel. This convenient dog crate, which comes in various sizes based on your dog’s size, features two doors—a top and side door—for easy access, a secure zip-release latch to prevent escape during travel as well as a divider panel for adjusting doghouse length to fit in small vehicles. Easy to clean and store when not in use.

The AmazonBasics Fold-and-Go Soft Dog Crate is ideal for small dogs and large puppies. Resembling a tent on its side, the padded frame extends to three collapsible sides which can be quickly set up or taken down whenever you need it. Its convenient carrying case makes it easy to bring along whether you’re traveling by car, bus, or plane. The zippered door allows for quick entry and exit into the crate, keeping your dog secure without tearing up your home.

How To Pick The Best Dog Crate For Shih Tzu – A Buyer’s Guide

Dog crates vary in size and are used for a variety of purposes. You may need the crate when traveling. It’s also common for people to leave their two or three dog pets at home while they go on vacation, but they don’t want them wandering around the house while they’re away. Some owners choose to take a dog crate with them as well as additional dog toys and regular food so that their dogs can have plenty of fun activities while they’re away.

Other dog crate owners use crates as a way to keep their pets safe during times when they won’t be able to be with their owners. If your dog doesn’t have a doghouse, you might choose to put it in a crate while you sleep. Though this isn’t always a dog’s first choice, it can be the safest option for them.

If you’re leaving your dog alone for any reason and need to ensure that it stays safe and has a place to sleep, a crate is an ideal option for them. And even if you don’t think that your Shih Tzu fits the requirements of using a crate at home, you should still take any opportunity available to get one for your beloved pet.

Size of the dog

The very first thing you need to do when trying to find the best dog crate for your Shih Tzu is looking at how big it is. If your pet has a tendency to be aggressive, you might want something that’s just a little bigger than what it needs so that it has plenty of room to feel safe. 

At the same time, you don’t want to get something too big for your dog either. It’s always a good idea to measure your dog while they’re lying down – from their nose back to where their tail begins – and then add a few inches so that you can have enough room for them to move when they’re standing up. You can go even bigger than this if you’d like, but adding more room is never a bad idea given that your dog is going to be spending a lot of time inside the crate.

Crate floor

When it comes to the floor, you’ll want to consider getting a crate that has an interior mat or TUFF pad. This will make clean-up very easy and will keep things from becoming slippery when your pup gets thirsty or needs to go outside. If you don’t get some kind of carpeting, even a thin layer will provide enough protection for your dog’s paws so that they won’t slip around on slick surfaces inside the crate.


Finally, you’ll want to consider the durability of the crate. You want a model that isn’t going to break easily and will stand up to your Shih Tzu as they continue growing up. The best crates are made from either metal or plastic and are designed specifically for use with dogs.

If your dog is a bit aggressive when it comes to chewing, you’ll want to get a model that has plenty of holes in the sides so that they can see the world around them while they’re inside. A solid door will also help keep them safe during those times when they might want to leave the crate on their own accord.

Otherwise, you’ll want to look for a model with a locking door. This will prevent them from escaping and will keep them safe no matter what. No dog is going to be able to break out of this model, making it the safest option available on the market.

As you continue searching for options, remember that you’re looking for something that meets your specific needs and desires. Choose a crate with all of the safety features and accessories that you can get, but don’t go overboard when purchasing it either. You don’t need something that’s overly expensive or crammed with a bunch of extra features that won’t meet your needs at all.

What Size Crate Does a Shih Tzu Need?

The size of your dog’s crate will be dependent on a few different factors. The first thing to consider when looking for the right size is your dog’s size. The next thing to consider is how often you plan on moving it around and what space you’ll be keeping it in.

If your Shih Tzu puppy has just recently been born, they’re going to need a crate that’s small enough to fit them comfortably. If they get too big for this, they might feel cramped and uncomfortable while inside and might not be able to rest or sleep properly at night because of it. This might lead them to begin chewing things that they shouldn’t be chewing, including the door itself.

Shih Tzu crates for small puppies should be about 24 inches to 30 inches long and about 18 inches to 20 inches wide. It’s better for them to be small than large, which is why you’ll want to consider this when first starting out with a Shih Tzu puppy.

When it comes to buying crates for dogs that are full-grown, there are a few different options available. The first thing that you’ll want to do is measure your dog while they’re standing up. This will include shoulders and tail length and how high they sit at the rump area. You can also measure them while they’re laying down if you’d prefer.

Once you’ve finished this, you’ll want to look at what size crate is the longest that works for you. The main thing that you’ll want to compare is how tall your dog is compared to its height when standing up. If a crate is too short for them, they’re going to feel uncomfortable and might avoid sleeping or resting inside it at night.

Even if your Shih Tzu loves its crate, there are some things that they should never chew on while they’re inside as well. This could include anything from a door or carpeting, which will lead them to destroy the cage in no time at all.


Now you have the tips, and we have helped you identify the best 5 crates for your dog. Over to you now. Take your pick. We look forward to your raving review.

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