Monday Sep 19, 2022


The FTC requires any page that monetizes the website using an affiliate relation to state clearly it in a way that is easily accessible to the website user.

We at Furryinfo are proud of our affiliate relationships. Being an affiliate is a way for many to get the necessary money for running the site and even make a profit. Every time our visitor an outgoing link and buys a product, the affiliate gets a small commission. In our case, we are Amazon affiliates, every time you purchase something from Amazon using a link on this site we get a commission on the sale. This way you support our site whenever you decide to use the information and make a purchase.

Even if we make our money from our affiliate relations, we always make our best efforts to ensure all options on this site are totally upfront and honest. No one will ever pay us anything, in cash or by physical objects, to express a certain view in a post. We only recommend the products which are best for our Furry Friends.

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