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Pregnant Shih Tzu Week By Week Signs

Pregnant Shih Tzu Week By Week signs

Shih Tzu is a toy dog breed which was originated in China. They are categorized as members of the non-sporting group. These dogs are considered intelligent, friendly, and affectionate dogs. It is believed that Shih Tzu has descended from Lhasa Apso and Pekingese. These dogs are often bred in many countries, and they registered with American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1969. These dogs love to live in homes where there is a lot of people who like spending time with these furry friends. If you own Shih Tzu then it is important that you should know the sign and symptoms of Shih Tzu pregnancy. It is also important that you should know the feeding schedule and other things that these dogs need during their 63 days of pregnancy.

Shih Tzu Pregnancy Signs

Shih Tzu is pregnant for 63 days, and during this time these dogs show some changes in their behavior. If your Shih Tzu is showing the following signs then you should take your dog to a veterinarian:

Swelling of nipples

These dogs show enlargement and swelling of the mammary glands 30-40 days before they are pregnant.

Change in appetite

These dogs show loss of appetite during the time of pregnancy, and owners should take care that their dog eats enough food to meet the energy requirements for pregnancy. Some dogs may show anorexia; however, this sign is not visible before 20 days of pregnancy. These dogs usually lose their appetites during their first trimester.

Increase/decrease in weight

There is a significant increase or decrease of more than four pounds in the weight of these dogs during their pregnancy.

Change in color of nipples and vulva

The color of the nipples and vulva changes two weeks before they are pregnant. They change to pinkish, red, brown, or black-tinged colors. It is easy to notice these changes in dogs that have chestnut or black hair.

Change in behavior

There are some behavioral changes that you should look for before your dog gives birth. Shih Tzu dogs show nesting behaviors 20 days before they give birth, and they usually spend time building nests. These dogs may show aggression toward other dogs and humans because their hormones are changing.

Pregnant Shih Tzu week By Week Signs

First Three Weeks

For the first three weeks, Shih Tzu will feel some symptoms such as she may get sick, her appetite will increase, and she shows a small amount of weight gain. There are no visible signs of pregnancy. During this time, these dogs may feel some pain in their mammary glands due to lactation after giving birth. These dogs usually do not show any behavioral changes during this time.

Second Three Weeks

After the 15th day, Shih Tzus will begin to gain weight rapidly because of the growing puppies inside them. They may show anorexia, and they do not feel like playing with other dogs or humans because their bodies are trying to save nutrients for the developing puppies. They also start showing nesting behaviors before giving birth.

During the last three weeks, Shih Tzu may feel difficulty in breathing and walking due to the enlargement of mammary glands. They start lactating, and their nipples begin to swell 2-3 days before they give birth.

Third Three Weeks

During the last three weeks, Shih Tzu’s appetite begins to decrease because they need extra energy for giving birth. About two weeks before giving birth feels restless and anxious because she feels that her body is ready to deliver puppies. However, some owners do not notice these symptoms.

After giving birth, Shih Tzus begin to lactate two weeks after they have given birth. They are very protective of their young puppies, and they do not allow any other dogs or humans to come near them.

Things To Remember After Giving Birth

People should avoid placing young puppies in an environment that does not meet two criteria: (1) the temperature must be lower than the mother’s body temperature, and (2) there must be no drafts. Shih Tzu can produce milk for about 6-8 weeks after giving birth. This time span is called lactation period.

During this period, Shih Tzu young should not be exposed to other adult dogs or sick puppies. Also, they should not be taken outdoors to avoid exposure to infections.

For the first two weeks after giving birth, Shih Tzu lactates small volumes of milk that are highly nutritious for their young. After 2-3 weeks, the volume of milk starts to increase, and the lactation period lasts up to 8 weeks. After this period, a female Shih Tzu stops producing milk.

In case of triplets or more puppies, they should be fed from 3-4 different teats so that one pup is not being deprived from the mother’s milk. In such cases, the lactation period may last up to 10 weeks.

The nursing pups should be fed 5 times a day and their eyes and ears should be kept clean using cotton wool soaked in warm water. Also, the size of portions for each meal must correspond with the size of the pup’s stomach.

Puppies become very sensitive during this period, and it is important to be gentle. When the puppies start taking solid food, their mother’s milk gradually decreases in volume as well as its nutritional value. In addition, they can be given water from a dish at this time.

Also, it is highly recommended that you feed them only with high-quality dried food for pups, which is also known as “puppy kibble”.


Well, that’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed reading this article 🙂 All the information given here was written by me after researching on several dog breeding forums and websites. Some of them may not be exact or 100% accurate, but the overall idea is there (i think). If you have any question, please post it in a comment below, and I’ll try to reply it as soon as possible.

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